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As an entrepreneur, educator, and advocate of family empowerment and education for 20 years, I am a firm believer that everything should start at home. I agree it still takes a village to raise a child! My children – Brooke (Vallaire) Romas founded Vallaire’s in 2010, at the age of 14, and Brice Everhart founded Vallaire’s For Men in 2015, at the age of 8. These two accomplished scholars and entrepreneurs received mentorship from many of Houston’s business leaders.

Witnessing the growth of my children/family’s success, I have developed a model to implement services for families that provide empowerment, partnerships in education, entrepreneurship, create family legacies, and assist in building generational wealth. With school guidance and increasing parent engagement across America, we will use our POWER to make IMPACT.


Ensuring all families have a bright future starts with empowering and building strong family units and generational wealth, increasing parent engagement to support students, teachers, and schools, and fostering relationships with businesses and the community.

Educational Consultant
Family Empowerment Solutionist
Personal & Business Strategist

What others say…



“Shareca was my greatest mentor and still is as I continue my last year in college as a nursing student. I have credited my success to my mother’s sacrifices and to Shareca’s guidance through vital times of my childhood.”



“We just wanted to thank you for giving our son a strong educational foundation. Thank you for pouring your knowledge, love, determination, no-defeat attitude, self-confidence, God, and did I say love into our children! I have seen your magic as well as your staff.”



“Ms. Vallaire, you already have my attention. Your first impression was a memorable moment for my son, Josh. I am a Mama who understands the treasure inside of my son. We know the vastness of his potential. Help us unleash it. Help him to open new doors and see the realities he is capable of living.”


Nonprofit Organization

“Since inquiring Shareca’s services and implementing her strategies, our organization has grown expeditiously both in human resources and capital receiving over $1,000,000 within two years. Her strategies provided sound solutions as we continue to fulfill our mission. Shareca gets results!”



“It is such a joy to work with Shareca, not only does she help provide solutions and strategies for my company, but I am also comfortable speaking with her about new ideas and watching her implement proven strategies that has propelled my business to scale and expand into an additional business in less than two years. It is her integrity and passion to see me excel that attracts me to Shareca!”



“You have been so helpful in encouraging me on what it takes to become a great leader. You taught me so much, but most importantly, having a WHY in life. One day, I will find my WHY, and when I do, I will remember a very wise and thoughtful person is the reason. It is amazing how your words speak to me as nobody has ever before. Thank you, Ms. Vallaire.”

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