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My life’s mantra is to impact every family I encounter. It can be collaborating directly with parents and children personally or in schools, businesses, and community engagement. My mission has been to equip families through education and economic empowerment. As a child, playing school every day was how I did my homework and study; however, my students were only visible to my eyes. After leaving corporate America as an Accountant and successfully launching and operating a child development center for 20 years, it was when I learned that dreams do come true. Education has always been important to me, allowing me to use it as a vehicle to excel in life and share the ride with children and their parents.
It was imperative to bring my children alongside me to provide a mirror that reflects resilience, tenacity, and work ethic while being one of their examples of success in both life and business. Starting early, focusing on cultivating their skills, and teaching them to use their gifts and talents to be successful throughout life and enjoy what they do in the process has been by far one of my proudest accomplishments to date. Yes, I am honored to be their first teacher and see the proven success of my two academic scholars, business moguls, and philanthropists.
As a serial entrepreneur, educator, childcare director, speaker, and nonprofit consultant, I hold a master’s in Nonprofit Management, a bachelor’s in Accounting, a member of the National Education Association, and a 2012 Alumni of Capital One Bank “Getting Down to Business Program. I remain grateful to advocate, empower, and assist children to live their best lives, doing what I had the honor of doing with my children. That was to identify their purpose, teach them family values, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, create a legacy, build generational wealth, and philanthropy.
In the last four years, I received countless requests commissioned by parents, students, teachers, schools, and law enforcement to “Do something for parents.” After listening carefully, I realized God was calling me to expand my reach by developing a platform for parents to promote family engagement, growth, and success while increasing parent involvement in schools. I am excited about the innovative ways we will accomplish our goal of using our POWER to IMPACT families!

Educator and Entrepreneur for 20 years, turned Solutions Strategist. How can I help you achieve your goals and make an IMPACT?

Educational Consultant
Family Empowerment Solutionist
Personal & Business Strategist

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“Shareca Vallaire has definitely made a permanent footprint in the lives of our family. We are simply impressed with her relentless approach to teaching and her eagerness to build our kids’ desire to learn, advance, and succeed. She always has a plan and not only is it often communicated to the children but to the parents as well, ensuring full alignment and we are all on the same page. Thank you, Shareca, for your unwavering commitment, unique teaching style, and tireless approach to education. We can see the performance-driven positive results!”




“Thank you so much Shareca & Parents In Power for stepping up to the plate when I was diagnosed with cancer and going through chemo. You helped me out so much by picking up Lauren, setting up her space in the mall, and shopping for me when I could not shop for myself.”



Nonprofit Organization

“After one phone call with Shareca, she positioned my organization into a place we are receiving grants on an annual basis. As a new organization, we have received over $20K, this is a huge success.”



“Within two months of working with Shareca, her keen insight to detail has provided an increase in both my personal life and business, she is such a visionary. I share this testimony because I have experienced firsthand what it means to have Shareca as a Solutions Strategist.”

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As parents, we have a journey with a story to share. Your Story is your Power, and your Power is your Impact! Help celebrate, empower, and inspire parents and those in parental roles to share their success stories that can change lives. We can cover it in Parental Impact E-magazine. Send your stories and ideas to shareca@parentalimpact.com

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