Celebrating Parents Making IMPACT!

Celebrating Parents Making IMPACT!

Who is the England Family? They are definitely a family to leave an effect on your lives, aka the “England Effect.” Having known Drez England for over 30 years, he has always maintained his character as a very giving and loving person. In choosing his wife, Mya, he found his gold mine, as she is also very kind and compassionate. Well, you must know that their children emulate their characteristics. Let’s find out how they are making a Parental IMPACT.

Husband and wife, Drez and Mya England were over the moon at first glance and have not looked back since. Just being in their presence will leave a positive and lasting impact on whomever they encounter, simply because they will leave you laughing, amused, and filled with so much love. Fortunate, this infectious joy will not stop with just their generation, as they have three boys that will continue to carry the torch of giving, love, and happiness. Pharrell William’s lyrics in the song HAPPY, probably best depicts this family’s personalities.

As a family that values and governs themselves through the core attributes of love, joy, and most importantly God – they try to live every moment as their best moment. “Quality time is what makes us happiest,” says, Drez. Although we have the typical routines of every other family, e.g., dropping the kids to school, going to work, practice, etc., there is nothing routine about our family after 5 pm, the start of our day together. We find fun ways to connect, like dancing on Tiktok, gaming, or most of all sharing/giving to others.” 

Both Mya and Drez are givers to the core and gracefully pass on this trait to their offspring. Mya mentions, “Who they become as men tomorrow begins with my husband and me today. The world is full of young men that will not hold a door or change a flat, as nowadays everyone is so self-absorbed.” This family is taking time to teach values while actively listening, caring, and staying in the mindset that – everybody matters.

The England’s will certainly go out on a limb for a total stranger, so you can only imagine how far they will go for a friend. For example, Drez has helped a friend and fellow veteran get out of prison after personally meeting with the parole board and attorneys to speak on his behalf. He was faithful in meeting month after month for many years. Although not a lawyer by far, because of his efforts, he assisted in cutting this veteran sentence by four years, whereas he is now out of prison, recently degreed, and working toward success. When asked Drez, “Why,” he quickly responded, “I know his character; he is a good man who made one wrong decision and just needs a second chance.” Now, everyone should have a friend like Drez!

Mya does things her way by shaping lives through giving, creativity, and interior design. She has found ways to put her gift to work by partnering with the community, pulling together volunteers, raising funds, and taking on the challenge of morphing a blank room into her own Picasso of interior design with a low-cost budget. She is the proud owner and designer of Modern Culture Designs (www.modernculturedesign.com), an interior design company while in a class of its own. Her company has worked alongside organizations like Americorps SBP and Parents In Power, Inc. for their Adopt A Family Program, gifting her time and resources to do some home makeovers. Designing several rooms for a grandmother, her two granddaughters, and six grandchildren after being displaced from their home for two years due to Hurricane Harvey and helping to fulfill the bucket list of a 14-year-old girl who was diagnosed with Lupus and just wanted her room to represent her style, “a princess with fairy lights and vines.”

Drez and Mya manage their schedule allowing valuable time to visit their parents, bring them to doctor’s appointments, spend quality time with their siblings weekly, and hang out with friends.  As you can see, the England Family is clearly living up to their family brand – “England Effect.”


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