Parental Impact E-Magazine Vol 3 PLUS Print Copy


Parental IMPACT E-Magazine Special Edition

“Art is the expression that signifies what lies within the heart, soul, or mind of the artist,
wishing to display to the outside what is
experienced in the inside.”

Come experience what’s on the inside of Parental IMPACT…

• Kendrick & Brooke Romas on How our Parents Prayed, Planned, and Prepared us for each other
• Love Stories- “The Art of Marriage”
• Heart-Healthy Lifestyles- Nutrition, Exercise, and Wellness
• Harmony At Home- Navigating the Intersections of Faith, Family, and Finance


Parental IMPACT is a magazine to celebrate, empower, and inspire parents and those in parental roles to share their stories on how they invest and impact the lives of their children and communities.

 A glimpse of some pages inside…                  



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