Shareca Vallaire

Power X Impact

Educational Consultant

Consults with Schools and Child Development Centers by Providing Strategies for Increasing Positive Outcomes in:

  • Parent Empowerment and Engagement
  • Classroom Innovation and Incentives
  • Professional Development and Team Building
  • Closing Achievement Gaps
  • Support for Teachers, Counselors, and Community Liaison
  • Community Network and Resources

Family Empowerment / Solutionist

Provides Solutions for Building Stronger Family Dynamics through:

  • Family Empowerment and Engagement
  • Personal and Leadership Development
  • Advocating for Education including Parent-Teacher Liaison, Academic Advisor, Scholarship Aid, and Mentorships
  • Family Branding and Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Literacy and Generational Wealth Planning
  • Community Network and Resources

Personal & Business Strategist

Implements Strategies for Individuals, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, and Businesses (5 years old or less) in:

  • Personal and Leadership Development
  • Business Development, Expansion, Strategies, or Management
  • Relationships and Team Building 
  • Feedback and Performance Evaluations 
  • Increasing Revenue Growth and Profitability
  • Community Network and Resources

All service offerings provide access to seminars, training, panel discussions, workshops, Power X Impact Affiliate Program, and the following:

Parental IMPACT is a platform to celebrate, empower, support, and inspire parents and those in parental roles to share their stories on how they invest and impact the lives of their children, schools, and communities.

Parents In Power advocate, empower and assist parents with their relationships in the community and schools.

Artsipreneur is where families receive business consulting on how to turn their art, creative ideas, designs, and abilities into a for-profit business and sell through our platforms, participate in events, join our fun-loving environment, and more.

Young Empowerment Society (YES) is a student-led & driven educational and empowerment platform for youth 8-18 years old to use their voices to create change. YES’ mission is to build an alliance of community and youth leaders uniting to create cultural agents of change while connecting school to the real world through leadership, learning partners (mentorship), entrepreneurship, and art. 

Success 4 Kidz Partner with Parents to enhance children ages 2 – 7 academic, social, personal, and spiritual success through our early education, empowerment, and tutoring services. Success 4 Kidz formula ensures a child’s success in life.

Child + Parent + Community + Environment = Success 4 Kidz

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Group rates are also available. For additional pricing information, contact or call 281-779-3288.

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As parents, we have a journey with a story to share. Your Story is your Power, and your Power is your Impact! Help celebrate, empower, and inspire parents and those in parental roles to share their success stories that can change lives. We can cover it in Parental Impact E-magazine. Send your stories and ideas to

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