Why Parent Engagement is Important in School?

Why Parent Engagement is Important in School?

Many parents mistakenly believe that their children’s education is entirely in the hands of teachers, but research solidly supports the case for parental engagement. Parents should understand they are in a position of POWER. They are their children’s first teachers and advocates, not through hands-on teaching or knowing any particular subject matter but by managing their education and seeking help if needed to ensure their children’s academic success.

According to research from the National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education, shares that “no matter their income or background, students with involved parents are more likely to have higher grades and test scores, attend school regularly, have better social skills, show improved behavior and adapt well to school.”

We can certainly agree with the data, yet there must be alternatives for students who are not receiving the recommended parent involvement. Many parents face barriers such as hectic work schedules, including working multiple jobs, traveling, lack of education, comprehending the lesson to assist in homework, living in a single-parent household, an environment without parents, and being parented by grandparents who cannot help. These are just a few common challenges we see existing within families; the list is endless.

Every family dynamic is different, and it would be unfair to put every family in the same box. Unfortunately, I have witnessed this for many years within our educational system. It is unreasonable to do so without providing a solution to remove the stigma around the lack of parental engagement.

So, when we think about Why Parent Engagement is Important in School, we must also think about innovative ways to assist parents who desire to be involved and get older children more interested in being self-driven to share in the responsibility of their education.

I remember my mother being intelligent, hard-working, and falling ill one day, which lasted for years, in fact, throughout my high school years. My teachers never asked questions about my household, only provided what I needed, their passion. They saw a self-driven young lady who wanted a guide to her future. Today, it is different because students lack motivation, and teachers are without the proper support, funding, or even time to account for the hundreds of students who require their attention. Countless teachers are given what they can to as many students as possible; however, it comes with limitations and extreme exhaustion.

I foresee creating a system where students, parents, and teachers can receive 100% of what they need to ensure EVERY child has an opportunity to achieve success. We are doing something new and innovative while keeping what has proven effective, simply the love and passion for education. Students like myself will never forget the IMPACT teachers made in my life; in fact, my success and passion for education derived from the quality time they invested in me.

Check out below our creative ideas to increase parent engagement and expand the parents’ role in their children’s education. These alternatives do not omit parents from being involved, losing their voices, or relinquishing their responsibilities. It is another means of support to eliminate children getting left behind.

1. Parent-Teacher Liaison

Parents who desire to be present and more engaged in their children’s education but have existing barriers can still show their involvement by seeking the assistance of a Parent-Teacher Liaison (PTL). A PTL is someone who can fill in as an advocate or assist parents when their schedule does not permit while acting in the best interest of the student and parent, or want extra support when parents feel uncomfortable having those tough conversations with teachers or administrators.

2. Parent-Buddy System

Parents who are genuinely interested and have the freedom to engage in their children’s education are in an advantageous position to provide support or outside help to another child before they begin to struggle. A Parent-Buddy System would allow parents to connect and build relationships to determine where they need the most help. Our solution ensures No Child Is Left Behind. Parents help parents because there is a chance a child who goes without our support could potentially become our son or daughter-n-law.

The existing alternatives are less effective and becoming obsolete. As the world evolves, so should our educational system and how we entertain parent engagement. Parents, can we roll up our sleeves and support our students, other parents, teachers, and administrators who are trying and need our help? Can we get involved? What do you think?

Are you a parent who wants to be more engaged in your children’s education? What barriers prohibit you from doing so? What kind of support do you need? Let us help you. We are here to increase your parent engagement.

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